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POPs Retail solution

In today’s ever-changing restaurant business, you need more than just a cash box to keep up with your varying demand, and with POSBANK’s intuitive POPs restaurant pos solution, you can do just that. With its wide array of features, clean and logical interface, and easy-to-use program, your business will be up and running smoothly, leaving you to focus on running your business without stress or fuss.
■ Virtual floor management
■ Image menu ordering system
■ Eat-in/Take-out/Delivery/KIOSK selection
■ Integrated payment tool
■ Customer & membership loyalty service
■ Easy back-up office management
■ Smart hourly/monthly/annual sales analysis
■ Inventory management


restaurant pos solution



restaurant pos solution   restaurant pos solution
Main screen
User-defined programmable menu.
  Venue layout
Tailor your virtual shop floor precisely to your venue’s actual layout.
restaurant pos solution   POS Software Restaurant POS
Order screen
Staff members can visually place orders by selecting the corresponding pictures or text.
  Payment and receipt
Selectable payment methods and membership account management with option to directly print receipt.

Enterprise Management Features


POS Software Restaurant POS
POS Software Restaurant POS
POS Software Restaurant POS
Staff management
This tool allows you to automatically manage and organize members of staff.
Inventory count
Automatic stocktaking program for current and past inventory management.
Customer & membership management
Provides information on customer trends and membership effectiveness to allow successful business analysis.

Smart sales analysis
With this smart tool, the business can analyze and organize its hourly, daily, monthly, yearly and per-customer sales for effective store management.


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